Stay tune for 2016

The National Hip Hop Competition is an annual talent scouting network that is making its way through 23 cities in the U.S. We’re  bringing  awareness to authentic artists and opening doors for them in the national music scene. We operate as a music marketing agency as artists contracts us to market their music. We are not a record label or distribution company. We build the artist image, music and persona to become more attractive in a highly competitive market.While offering revenue via music placement opportunities.

Our Philosophy:

In the developing world of independent music, many artists are making a paycheck with iTunes and other digital music markets. Just like Netflix and Redbox ran Blockbuster out of business, iTunes and Rhapsody will run record shops out of business. This is happening now and it is at the time where an artist has the opportunity to be an artist and make a decent living. As a marketing company, we assist our clients in developing their product (music) and catering their product to their target market (fans).